It just came to my attention that all this vampire madness has been riding on Twilight’s tail for the past two years! Is anyone as tired of this vampire epidemic as I am? Yes it was cool in its first revival, and then again through the tween Twilight obsession. But I think I’m ready to say “Ok I get it, next!”

Anyways, as I had promised, another book review. Several of you may have read this and received it as your graduation gift (as I did), but I was reminded of it this weekend so I figured I’d spread the word.

This weekend on a flight I was sitting next to someone typing away on his computer while I was looking over some of my peers manuscripts and he struck up a conversation with me as he had made the assumption I was a fellow academic. Turns out he was a Computer Science professor at a very popular university(no name given to maintain privacy but it was impressive!). As we started talking about programs and our different disciplines I remembered the name Randy Pausch, the author of “The Last Lecture”.  And I got very excited when I learned that he had known Dr. Pausch and actually been an attendee at this famous final lecture!

For those of you haven’t read this, and need a book to kind of give you a boost of confidence and dash of inspiration should definitely pick this up. “The Last Lecture” was written by a professor at Carnegie Mellon that was participating in a ‘last lecture series’ that was given annually. However, he had been recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it was in a terminal stage, so ironically this really was his last lecture. Instead of focusing his lecture on his field of study, he gave a lecture on time-management. But it’s not what you would expect.  His perspective on his life and the future is inspirational and very touching. The book was written in a style that made it read like a lecture.  Its really wonderful to know that even those who have been given such a misfortune can still depart leaving such positivity and optimism.