So, I was anticipating a massive launch of brilliantly astounding thoughts into this blog (yes I know the world has been waiting) I realized that no one has time to write the world’s most brilliant blog, let alone read it. Truth be told I have surrendered myself and my soul to the world of academia. You always assume that you’ll be different and it’s all so cliche, but you soon realize that there is a cliche for a reason….because that is the only way to succeed in graduate school! I have become obsessed with sleep, coffee, and bibliographies. I understand the obsession of sleep and coffee are oxymorons of sorts, but they don’t necessarily compliment the other…..they just create a beautiful harmonious melody that makes my brain function the way I need it to. I must now divulge into the history of linguistics thanks to a brilliant professor who enjoys giving tedious exams in graduate classes. But first, must find coffee…..