Too Much What?

I love reading not only for pleasure, but for symbolism and metaphors. I know I should not admit these kind of things publicly, but it’s true! Underneath it all, I am the ultimate geek that jumps for joy when I see beyond the written word and just for a moment, find myself looking through the author’s eyes, and understand them and their purpose. However, there are days when the author just shuts me out and says “ha ha, you ain’t getting this one!”. Unfortunately I have had one of those experiences, and it kind of sucks. As a passionate supporter of Canadian authors, I try to read as much Canadian literature as I can, not only because I enjoy it but also because I want to create more awareness of it and its complexity and beauty. Canadian literature explores many new realms that I feel American audiences would appreciate, and in the future I will be sure to share many wonderful titles here.

Recently I decided to reach back into the archives of Canadian authors and pull out one of the pilgrims of Canadian writing, Alice Munro. I have enjoyed many of Munro’s works during my years as an undergraduate, and have always found her writing complex and real. This time around, I found that same complexity, but could not achieve a level of complete comprehension that would have allowed me to enjoy her writing with the same pleasure that I have previously experienced.

“Too Much Happiness”, is a series of short stories primarily focusing on many female protagonists. The stories all have an element of darkness in them, and a base sense of death and sexuality. It’s hard to describe, but in my opinion its this kind of writing ability that separates good writers from great writers. Even though I had difficulty deciphering the deeper meaning behind Alice Munro’s characters  experiences, I was still intrigued and very aware that there was something more, I just couldn’t see it yet. Perhaps it is a matter of viewing the characters objectively instead of subjectively. As a Canadian, I felt that my personal opinions and knowledge of certain areas referenced in the short stories perhaps led me to make assumptions about the characters that created limitations on my understanding of the deeper meaning. In this case, familiarity worked against me, and left me asking questions that I don’t know are meant to be answered. Perhaps in this case, my readers can lend their views and tell me what they think!

Return from Hiatus…….yet again!!

I must apologize, I fell off the face of the earth again! What can I say, life really did get in the way. A lot has changed since my last post! Firstly, (and most importantly) I am no longer a grad student! I graduated this past summer and did the walk in my velvet cap :) A few months later I got married to a wonderful man and dived head first into reality and have come to a scary realization: I am no longer a grad student  swimming indulgently through the pages of my beautiful books searching for meaning and symbolism, and wrapping myself into the warmth of literature. I am now a wife, a partner, and at times a culinary genius (or so I like to think):P.

Marriage truly is a wonderful journey that does change your life in a way you never expected, and you find it easy to lose yourself in the land of “we” and “us”.  And its important to catch yourself and not lose yourself completely. So here I am, rediscovering me and the first love of my life: the written word.

Stay tuned readers, more book reviews and literary ramblings are brewing!

A Must Read!!!

So over the past month I’ve been reading a lot more than usual, primarily due to a writing class where I have to read a few novels a week to discuss the writing, genre etc. Anyways, I am so grateful because this led me to probably one of the best books I have ever read! It’s not an amazing literary masterpiece, but the idea and the story itself is just sheer brilliance. Suzanna Collins is the author of “The Hunger Games”, a book that I can’t even begin to describe. I literally finished it in one sitting because I just could not put it down. It’s a story that definitely fits into the apocalypse theme that is popular these days and the characters, setting, plot and just the whole concept is….wow! Its definitely a good read for all ages, and if I had to compare it to something…..maybe Da Vinci Code meets Avatar? But even that just at the very least because this book stands on its own.

Suddenly my expectations of myself as a writer have catapulted to another level of excellence that hopefully one day I can achieve! I could go on forever praising the book, but I really think you should check it out for yourself and please let me know what you thought as well!

It really is a different time…

Well this has been a busy week of reading! I have gotten through three novels in just a matter of days! One of those was Jay Asher’s “Thirteen Reasons Why”. Definitely a much edgier book, but nonetheless intriguing in its subject matter and the dual narrative in which the book is written. The book is essentially a long suicide note….and that’s all I will say. The main reason I chose to write about this book here is just to share my reaction to reading this type of book. I mean suicide is such a difficult topic to even think about, let alone write a whole book about! But Asher has really taken something difficult and not necessarily written a masterpiece, but wrote a book that needed to be written. When things are hard to talk about, we can write them. Asher has taken a risk, and maybe even upset many readers but he got one very important message across: suicide happens, and no matter what anyone thinks, that person had a reason why. After reading this book, there was a sense of frustration, not only for me but also for some of my peers, that there should be maybe a more valid reason for suicide. But I think that’s the message Asher was trying to get across….what may not matter or make sense to some of us, may be the defining moment for that one person to whom it does matter.

Aside from the disturbing subject matter, I would definitely reccomend this book to some of my serious readers out there :)

Free time = reading time!

Hello my loyal readers!

I apologize for my absence for the last few days as it is that time of the year where American college students across the country are shouting….”WOOOHOOO SPRING BREAK!!!”. I am not exactly expressing my excitement in the same manner, but I am doing a little happy dance at the realization that for the next week I do not have class or 500+ pages of reading to get through. In fact in is finally time to settle down for some leisurely reading :)

Right now I am reading “The Joy Luck Club”. I watched the movie many years ago and was eager to see how amazing the book must be, because usually movies tend to completely kill the magic of most novels(in my experience at least). So considering the amazing-ness of this movie, I figured the book must be pretty darn good.

I just finished reading “The House on Mango Street” a few weeks ago. A very simple short read. I wouldn’t call it a timeless classic or anything, but it pulled a few heart strings. Its a story written from the perspective of a young Hispanic girl living in Chicago, and the experiences of the woman around her. The book consists of several super short chapters, that seem very abstract and random but once you pick up on the rhythm of the book, its actually a pretty cool strategy of writing. Give it a read!