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Wizards get the Nod

Well, I think I have made it very clearly on more than one occasion that vampires are a no-go in my book. But wizards on the other hand have me screaming for more!

I just entered the quarter century club last week (ugh) and received a gift I never imagined being so excited about. My super cool sister-friend got me the entire collection of Harry Potter! Yes, I know…where have I been right?!?! But any how it was a wonderful surprise. I had been wanting to take the plunge into the world of Hogwarts and Quidditch but just did not have the time and didn’t know where to begin. When I received a large parcel at my apartment and saw a box that read Harry Potter I was overjoyed. With just two weeks of grad classes left I had decided to treat myself during the holidays, but I only lasted a day and just could not wait to start!

I mentioned in previous posts that I took a Children’s literature class this semester and was learning what ‘sells’. And essentially Harry Potter is a middle-grade children’s book even though it has appealed to a much larger audience. After reading just the first book and and itching to start the next, all I can say is that J.K. Rowling delivered. As I read the book I was mentally checking off all the requirements she had satisfied that makes a book sell, and I did not find one thing unchecked…..and if anything she got double checkmarks!

So this post is for all of those who like me have circled the idea of Harry Potter and have yet to get off the fence. JUST DO IT!!! I do not regret it and am sooooooo happy I have six more books to go because I do not want this journey to end!

Thanks UB – I owe you!

Express yourself

So a few weeks ago I was approached by a friend of mine who wanted to write a letter. Not just any letter but a love letter- or more accurately a love email. And being her writer friend, she assumed I would know how to conjure up one of these. One of the things she asked me was why it was so hard for her to express her feelings. I didn’t know how to answer her at the time but I got to thinking about the idea of expression in words and remembered a quote I saw somewhere a few years ago:

“Literature is protest. No writing is innocent”

It made me think that like a love letter, any kind of writing is an expression of the mind and the heart. Not to say that we’re all just writing love letters all the time, but even this simple love letter was like a form of literature. It was protesting her feelings to her beloved, and the writing had the purpose of receiving an answer or a reaction.

Back to the question of why some people find it so hard to express themselves. Well, this is my take on it, there are two types of people.

Some of us can easily write down our thoughts because we want them to be heard. And even if no one ever reads what we have to say, we are content with the fact that it is said in some shape or form.

On the other hand there are those who fear the very same thing. Their fear isn’t that people will hear them, rather that no one will. That personal expression carries a bigger weight and therefore is more difficult to express. And if that expression isn’t heard or acknowledged, they feel vulnerable and exposed.

That’s just my take on it. Good news is she did manage to write the letter herself – currently awaiting a reaction from her ‘audience’.