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Vampire vampire go away…

It just came to my attention that all this vampire madness has been riding on Twilight’s tail for the past two years! Is anyone as tired of this vampire epidemic as I am? Yes it was cool in its first revival, and then again through the tween Twilight obsession. But I think I’m ready to say “Ok I get it, next!”

Anyways, as I had promised, another book review. Several of you may have read this and received it as your graduation gift (as I did), but I was reminded of it this weekend so I figured I’d spread the word.

This weekend on a flight I was sitting next to someone typing away on his computer while I was looking over some of my peers manuscripts and he struck up a conversation with me as he had made the assumption I was a fellow academic. Turns out he was a Computer Science professor at a very popular university(no name given to maintain privacy but it was impressive!). As we started talking about programs and our different disciplines I remembered the name Randy Pausch, the author of “The Last Lecture”.  And I got very excited when I learned that he had known Dr. Pausch and actually been an attendee at this famous final lecture!

For those of you haven’t read this, and need a book to kind of give you a boost of confidence and dash of inspiration should definitely pick this up. “The Last Lecture” was written by a professor at Carnegie Mellon that was participating in a ‘last lecture series’ that was given annually. However, he had been recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it was in a terminal stage, so ironically this really was his last lecture. Instead of focusing his lecture on his field of study, he gave a lecture on time-management. But it’s not what you would expect.  His perspective on his life and the future is inspirational and very touching. The book was written in a style that made it read like a lecture.  Its really wonderful to know that even those who have been given such a misfortune can still depart leaving such positivity and optimism.

The inevitable “burnout”

So since my last post my optimism has dwindled. I love grad school and I love literature, but sometimes you just wish that after hammering out a brilliant essay or chapter you could clear your desk and say, “I have nothing else to work on”. That has not been the case at all this quarter. Its like a tag team, even though one assignment reaches the end, it just hands me off to the next item on another syllabus to do another run again and then again….and again.

And let’s be honest – this weather is not helping. It seems as if spring came and skipped over summer and went straight into late fall. Turning on the heat on May 12 was a sad sad day.

That’s all for today – another book review coming up soon!